About Us

Vintage Surf Co was created with the surfer in mind.  It all started with a pure love of the ocean and grew it from there.  Our passion for surf history started with collecting vintage boards and surf memorabilia.  Slowly we have grown into something more.  We hope that one day surfing will change the world and create awareness of the oceans through branding.
I fear the ocean more than anything in the world, but I also respect her power. I will never underestimate her, I will never turn my back on her, I will never fight her, I will always let her lead me where she wants me to go. To fight it is to die. My greatest fear of the ocean is that I will drown, that I will be pinned down to the rocks by a wave so heavy it can crush bone. So I surf, I surf because I fear the water, it haunts my dreams. I face my fear everyday so I won't ever live in it. In turn I grow to love what I fear the most. My goal is to share my passion with the world, if I can make at least one more surfer today it means the sport will grow tomorrow. Never fear what you love!