V3 Rocket 5'5 Used Surfboard

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Lost V3 Rocket Carbon Wrap 5'5 x 19 x 2.25 25.7L Used Surfboard

This board is in well used condition.  The two outside fin boxes both appear to have been professionally repaired.  Fair sized repairs to cracks in both sides of the nose are about 3-4 inches each, both of these repairs are also professionally done and ready for use.  Another professional repair to the rail about 2 inches right above the ...Lost logo.  One spot on the tail appears to have a crack that you will want to seal with some Sun Cure before taking it in the water.  A fair amount of yellowing and some minor pressure dents, this board shows a lot of wear but still had life in it, good way to get a Carbon Wrap EPS/epoxy board cheap.  Comes as a 5-fin FCS2 fin box setup, with a 3-fin set of stock FCS2 fins included (2 medium Performers and one large Carver), made of ...Lost Carbon Wrap EPS/epoxy technology.

(Con. for Mike Sceals)